Expert Insights: Bethany Perry on Balancing Science & Intuition

_mg_4046_600x1000_0_0Name: Bethany Perry 

Expertise: Holistic Health & Lifestyle..specializing in the brain

What inspires you to teach/coach people?  I have a deep love and compassion for all of humanity.  My desire to share the wisdom of science balanced with intuition inspires me as true change and health can be attained!  I especially have a desire to help those who have a great deal of weight to lose.  Though hormonal issues, fybromyalgia and ADD are a large part of my repertoire, I lost a brother to obesity when he was only 48.  He is an inspiration for me to carry a torch to help others help themselves and their families.

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? My Father, Frank Perry…he taught me to never stop learning, never stop loving and never stop following your passions and your dreams!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field?  Never give up, people need you!

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick?  This is very difficult for me to choose.  I believe if I were to choose someone currently living, I would choose The Dalai Lama or B.K.S. Iyengar.  As for people who have passed, it would be a very difficult choice between Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.  Ultimate though would be Jesus Christ:)

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? I find several benefits, the first being no need to spend time commuting.  I also find that different coaches have specialities that may not be available in the client’s area.  Meeting over live video allows the client to find their ideal coach around the globe.

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company culture: bonding over 4-minute exercise intervals

We care a lot about company culture at popexpert and do our best to inspire each other to continue growing and playing in different ways, from finding great concerts to attend together to sharing tips on top experts and classes.

Today marked a new milestone thanks to Casey Wilson who joined our engineering team just a couple weeks ago. Yesterday Casey started talking with a couple other team members about doing quick bits of interval training throughout the day, and today we put it into practice.

At 10:30am she got out her iPhone and turned on tunes encouraging us to do a four-minute interval workout alternating push ups and sit ups.  We added a fun twist for the sit ups by breaking into pairs and interlocking legs so we could clap hands together each time we came up, encouraging us to keep going even as we felt the burn.

I felt immediately energized after and also a great sense of bonding with the team. Highly recommend trying it out.  We’re going to go in for round two later this afternoon.

What are your tips for sneaking in exercise even in a busy day?

~ Ingrid

Expert Insights: Jeff Katz on Paying it Forward

964991_10151441051906958_1713674873_oName: Jeff Katz

Expertise: Business Development with an emphasis in Sales & Marketing.

What inspires you to teach/coach people? I’ve been fortunate to have some great coaches empower me along the way. I am both inspired by and take great pleasure in paying it forward and extending the reach of my personal and professional experiences, especially when it contributes to the success of another person’s goals.

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? My father, who was recently inducted into his Alma Mater’s Business Hall of Fame, frequently reminds me to provide value and to become indispensable.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field?  Write down your limiting beliefs and throw them in a fire!

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick? I would ask Steven Spielberg about leadership, storytelling and executing a vision.

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? Face-to-face communication establishes a connection that a phone call, email, or tweet will never compete with!

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Expert Insights: Kathryn Foley on the Human Emotional Experience

db748dc5a9127791029baf6b47565c81profile_picName: Kathryn Foley

Expertise: Eating Psychology, specifically emotional eating

What inspires you to teach/coach people? Emotions inspire me, and the breadth and variety of Human Emotional Experience. I found that for most of my life I kept things within a certain bandwidth, and letting go of those boundaries and letting myself feel was profoundly healing for me. I love to write my own stuff, and I really love to work with clients and hear how their lives unfold when it comes to emotions.

When I work with clients, I always remember this one buddhist lesson I love: it says that I can use my finger to point out the moon, but my finger is not the moon, and you don’t need my finger to see the moon. I don’t teach or coach because I have a “way” that works; I coach because there’s no wrong way to have a body and there’s no wrong way to live your life, and I’m committed to reminding people of their innate wholeness. It matters to me that there be a safe place on the internet or in real life where people can come and just _be_. The wisdom, the grace, is available to everyone.

My other big motivator to coach is that I would love for people to stop counting themselves out. I see so many people both with my health coaching business and at the gym I own who convince themselves that they are “wrong.” Wrong because of their behavior, habits, symptoms, wrong because of age, or their fitness ability, wrong because of their gender or their background. One of the biggest soul lessons I think we need to learn while we’re alive is how to show up for ourselves. How to deal ourselves into the game and truly decide with awareness and courage the life we want to create for ourselves.

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? This question is harder for me to answer than I expected it to be. I have a friend named Jacob, and I’m not exactly sure how we met, but it was in college. Most of the time we spent together was spent as workout buddies, but he was a little further along the path of mental health than I was, and I’ll never forget walking across the gym parking lot with him, trying to explain this hard thing that was going on in my life, and I just kept trying to rationalize it and logic it out. He took me by the shoulders and told me, with absolute sincerity and wholeheartedness, that the fact that I was bothered by this situation was reason enough; I did not need to prove the validity of my hard stuff. That’s the first time I ever really integrated that message, and I’ve never forgotten what it meant to me to hear that.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field?  Plan to get a coach of your own eventually. I see a therapist, I’m in a business course to help me build my business, and I keep in regular contact with other health coaches I studied with. I know you’re good at your topic, but that may not translate to building and maintaining a business. Ain’t no shame in that game. Get help.

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick? So many people. The name that comes up for me time and time again is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Philosopher Scientist. I can’t get enough of him, and it stirs my soul to hear (or read, as is more often the case for me) his thoughts on science and the Universe.

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? I think it changes the dynamic of the conversation. Listening is so much more than just the words I hear; it’s the tone, voice inflection, body language, looking to see if the words match what someone is truly trying to say. It’s easier for me to relax into my intuition when I can use many senses to be with someone, and I think my advice is better.

And I’m sure we’ve all had that english teacher that made us take off our hats in class because “they eyes are the windows of the soul,” but it’s true. Seeing someone’s eyes, letting yourself be seen, is profoundly healing and valuable. It’s a different level of intimacy.

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Expert Insights: Chris Conly on being an optimist & inspiring his students

ImageName: Chris Conly

Expertise: Guitar, ukulele, banjo & electric bass

What inspires you to teach/coach people? I’m an inherent optimist. I see the best qualities in people as attainable – most often – simply if they can simplify the equation and get out of their own way. I’m thrilled to help clients make these breakthroughs!

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? Bill Cosby spoke when I graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and told our class to go out into the world and prove to everyone who had believed in us so far, that they weren’t wrong. In other words – if you’ve ever convinced anyone to trust you know your stuff (on purpose or not) you owe them their expectation – so live up to it!

 What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field? You need a firm understanding of the core technologies that are the backbone of the creative economy. Using the internet is not enough – learn how to make it work for you, and teach yourself come basic languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc. Or better yet – find a popexpert who can help you!

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick? I’d love to spend an hour learning from myself – but 20 years from now. All of my insights would be custom tailored to my own experience, and I could learn from every mistake I’ve ever made!

 What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? I have tons of free music lesson videos available on YouTube, which allows students all across the globe to work on their own time, at their own pace. But what if they have a question? The ability to work with students remotely allows students to be comfortable in their own private setup, and let me come to them. My benefit is not having to travel the world over, just to work with all of my inspiring students! 

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Friday, Shake Up Your Love Life

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 3.05.00 PMSorry, this one is for the ladies only.

Ever had a really frank conversation with your girlfriends that are married or wonder sometimes why you seem to be the only one that hasn’t found true love or at least someone interesting enough to share your life? Or maybe you found him only to realize after far too long that he “just wasn’t there”?

In the 1960s fewer than 8% of women who married were older than 30, but today over 30% of women getting married are past their thirtieth birthday. Also, women who are college graduates are now as likely to marry as their less educated peers, and they are less likely to get divorced.

This all seems like good news.

So, why are you still single? There is a high likelihood you just haven’t found “the one”. But, there is an equally strong likelihood that you don’t really know where to look or how to spot him when he is there.

If you can finagle the truth out of your smart, successful girlfriends who have actually walked down the aisle, many will say that it wasn’t an accident they found the partner of their dreams. They worked at it. The learned about themselves and what would be sustainable for them once the rush of chemistry faded. They put themselves out there to meet the type of men that would be open to a relationship and have a good likelihood of sharing their values.

And, perhaps most importantly, unless it happened in their early 20s, they likely did it leveraging the same smarts that helped them get ahead in their careers.

They learned about the natural polarity between men and women and how to navigate this in a way that allows them to dominate at work but still enjoy that electric energy that dances between men and women at home.

Still single in your 30s? Congratulations, that is actually an awesome opportunity to get it right. The likelihood of divorce drops 10% if you get married after age 25.

Already in your 30s? Even better.

You know yourself well, you are secure in your ability to take care of yourself financially, and you can start seeking the right partner from a place of abundance. But, you could likely still use help to get it right.

I have had so many conversations with girlfriends over the years about men. We listen to each other, share stories, give advice, but do we really know what we’re talking about? Are we experts in finding love or deconstructing men? Of course not, so why are we always looking to each other rather than to someone more experienced for expertise that can help us navigate through what is arguably one of the most important decisions we will ever make in life.

I finally came to the realization that we work so hard in our professional lives to learn how to improve our careers and performance, but when it comes to matters of the heart we often assume it “will just happen.”

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz

I had the good fortune to meet Evan Marc Katz at an event this summer with top coaches from around the country and was just blown away with the quality of insight and advice he was able to give, even over a brief conversation.

Yes, he is a man, but he has spent countless hours researching, studying, working with and deconstructing women, especially smart successful women, to understand the key things that many of us get wrong in dating.

There is a reason he is considered America’s top dating coach for smart, strong, successful women. He brings a perspective that acknowledges all the things that make you great in your career and life generally but can sometimes present more of a challenge in finding the right relationship for the long haul.

Evan can be provocative at times, but it is because he gets real with the statistics. He first wants you to acknowledge with a clear lens what it is you’re looking for and how this aligns with the realistic options out there. Armed with that information, you can start to make smarter decisions about love.

Not meeting enough qualified men? Find new ways to get yourself out there into the right circles. Keep dating the type of man who turns out to be unavailable or unable to meet your needs? Get a better sense of how to figure this out early on and to give a chance to the type of men who will.

I was so taken with Evan’s expertise, we decided to create a 14-day boot camp to showcase the very best of his expertise to help you shake up your dating experience and arm you with the key tips that can help make a big difference in your romantic life and give you a better shot at finding “the one – for you”.

Over the course of 14 days, we’ll deliver you a daily video, reflection and challenge designed to help uncover helpful insights about yourself, your needs and men. With one key message per day and practical ways to put it into action, you’ll be on your way to better dating habits just in time for Spring.

Join our Valentine’s Day Boot Camp. See why Evan is considered America’s top dating coach for smart, strong, successful women. Hurry, it starts Friday!

Maybe you’re set. But is there is a friend who needs to seize control of their love life? We’d love to welcome them into the popexpert community.

Email them.

Empower them to find the one.

- Ingrid.

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Expert Insights: Alina Frank on overcoming love barriers through EFT

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.44.43 AM (2)Name: Alina Frank

Expertise: Sex and Intimacy

What inspires you to teach/coach people? I am continuously inspired by my clients who take the risk of trying EFT tapping (my main modality) even though it looks strange. I love the fast results my clients see over a short period of time. When a person heals from old wounds and is able to live life passionately there’s nothing more beautiful. They are always struck by the connection between that passion and their ability to make more money, have better relationships, overcome physical challenges and be happy.

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? I learned EFT from the founder over 10 years ago. The most important lesson I got from him was to strive for excellence in my private sessions. He really believed in thoroughly testing the work and not settling for “almost” healed.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field? Get the best training and mentoring you can. A good trainer and mentor can show you how to improve and expand.

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick? I love fishing but have never learned to fly fish. Hank Patterson seems to be the man.

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? The modalities I use involve physically activating certain acupoints on the face and upper body. The use of video helps people understand and really learn where to tap. There’s also the benefit that I use the camera to watch my clients so they can feel safe, comfortable and well attended to.

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