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Starting a starting a company is often compared to having a child.  While the commitment may not be 18 years to life (though it can turn out that way…), it still requires a huge investment of time, money, love and attention for any hope of success, so I often find it interesting to hear the inspiration behind new ventures.

The idea for popexpert has been floating around for a number of years now.  The initial concept was born of recognition that, through our daily lives, each of us has developed some level of expertise that has value to at least one other person in the world.  For some this may be cooking, for others business and other still perhaps parenting, hobbies, books and more.

The inspiration was furthered through a six-month sabbatical in early 2012.  During this time, my only commitment was that I would have no expectations for what my work life would entail following the adventure.  I travelled and invested a great deal of time and money with renowned experts to study yoga, meditation, nutrition, cooking, relationships, kiteboarding and ukulele.  Some of my favorite teachers include Kenneth FolkMonica JaggiKatherine MillerHelen FisherSeymour Boorstein and Shauna Shapiro.

As a part of the experience I became certified as a yoga teacher with Jivamukti and trained as a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, gaining insight into the passion and commitment that people invest in their craft.  I developed a deeper appreciation for how experts and coaches run their businesses and yet still felt that there could have been a better way for me to find and connect with the best people for my interests, wherever they may live.

Fortunately, my co-founders had the same vision, so I wrapped up sabbatical, and dove back into work.  Through our collective experiences we’ve refined the initial concept and come to an even greater appreciation for the deep expertise developed by those individuals who have dedicated their life to learning and sharing knowledge.  We added a technological twist, and popexpert became what it is today, a place for anyone to grow into a better version of themself.

Over the coming years our commitment is to build a company that inspires and enables lifelong learning by making it easy to find and connect with experts that help you get better at life, work and play.  In the meantime, when we’re not in the office, we each continue to live the mission invest in our own development with interests that currently include woodworking, French, productivity, social media, jewelry making and the psychology behind predicting sports statistics.

We hope you will join us on this lifelong learning journey.

~ Ingrid Sanders, co-founder & ceo, popexpert

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