Expert insights: Julie DeVito on confidence, leadership & goal realization


Name: Julie DeVito

Expertise: My expertise is in psychological health, personal transformation and goal realization.  My clients are people who are not currently content with their results in life, career, or relationships and who believe in their own potential for more–more purpose, more passion, and more productivity.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in political science, a Master’s degree in psychology, and I am currently completing a Doctorate in psychology.  I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Life Coach who blends a practical, result-driven mindset with an open communication style that allows me to establish a strong relationship with my clients.  This is the basis for helping someone to do what they haven’t done on their own.

What inspires you to teach/coach people?  I am inspired by the potential of people.  Helping others to reach self-defined goals and to fulfill their dreams is rewarding to me.  My passion is to inspire and help people to overcome personal challenges and to experience the freedom and happiness that comes through fully accepting themselves and expressing their talents in the world.

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them?  One of my most influential mentors is Jack Canfield.  He is a life coach, author and internationally known motivational speaker.  The most important lesson I have learned from Jack is to take 100% responsibility for my life and the results I am getting.  If I am not happy with my life, my relationship, or my situation, then I must do something to change it.  Where I am is the result of decisions I have made and behaviors in which I have engaged.  Don’t blame others, circumstances or luck.  Take 100% responsibility for your life!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field?  The advice I give to someone starting out in the field of coaching is to first hire a coach and go through the process of self awareness and personal transformation.  Your coaching will be more authentic and more powerful when you have been on the other side and have come to a place of clarity and consistency in your life.

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick?  I would choose to spend an hour learning from Michael Neill.  He is a world renowned transformative coach, teacher and best-selling author.  I have read his books and have learned from him; however I have not yet met him.  He inspires me because he has touched millions of lives and helps people to transform themselves “from the inside out.”  You can check him out at:

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video?  The benefits of meeting clients over live video are that you can coach them from anywhere in the world and they can be coached right in their own home.  It affords people the privacy and comfort of sitting in a familiar and safe space.  Clients often have less anxiety and are able to relax and be open more quickly with me when they are sitting in their living room.  I like video coaching because I can still see my client’s face and pay attention to non-verbal communication, and likewise, they can receive my non-verbals.  This is powerful.  We are still able to share a space together.

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