Expert Insights: Marcey Rader on How To Level-Up Your Productivity

Name: Marcey Rader

Expertise: Productivity

What inspires you to teach/coach people? I believe that as a society we wear the wrong badges – badges of little sleep, working long hours, a giant inbox and too little time. I want to help people get to what matters most by helping them work smarter and be healthier. I want them to Work Well so they can Play More!

Who was one of your most influential mentors and what’s one of the most important lessons you learned from them? I can’t really pick just one mentor but reading the book The Power of Less was what first got me interested in productivity. My business coach, Megan J. Huber was a great mentor to me in helping me figure out the direction I wanted to take in the first year of my business.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in your field? Hire a business coach. You may be an expert in your area but that doesn’t mean you are expected to be an expert in marketing and business.

If you could pick one person to spend an hour learning from (they could be anywhere in the world) who would you pick? I would learn from Tim Ferris. I have followed him since his first book and love how his mind works.

What are the benefits of meeting clients over live video? I think it is much more productive. Besides not having commute time, people are less likely to get distracted. Also, as opposed to a phone call, you can tell when a person is not paying attention and there eyes are scanning their computer screen because they are reading their email!

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