The Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch for 2015

popexpert is excited to recognize the Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch for 2015, chosen for their meaningful contributions to the mindful living movement and dedication to creating online learning opportunities for people around the world. These coaches are on a mission to help the world live, work and be more mindful in all aspects of life.

The list is comprised of distinguished popexpert experts, authors, business owners, contributors, and speakers across diverse categories of life. From nutrition to fitness, meditation, relationships, parenting, yoga, happiness, and more, all of these coaches have in common a dedication to teaching their clients a more mindful approach to living.

These coaches are all known for:

  • Contributing significant thought leadership to the mindful living community
  • Creating and facilitating incredible education opportunities through speaking engagements, blogging, and teaching
  • Bringing awareness of the conversation around mindful living styles to the forefront of the health & wellness industry

As we rapidly enter a new era of mindful living, we’ve seen a large trend toward people, businesses, and governments around the world acknowledging the importance of living a well-balanced, meaningful life. The landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly fast pace with the proliferation of online education opportunities. Through their involvement in the professional community, whether speaking, blogging, or teaching, these leaders are empowering people to learn and grow.

In conjunction with this announcement, we asked these top emerging mindfulness leaders to share the single most important focus area that will help anyone at any level live more mindfully in 2015. We’ll be releasing their insights in a series of upcoming blog posts over the next few weeks.

Here is our annual list of the Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch for 2015 in alphabetical order:

1. Katie Bressack Katie-Bressack-Top-20-Emerging-Mindfulness-Leaders-for-2015

Owner, Balanced Beings | @katiebressack

As a board certified holistic health coach & yoga teacher of over 5 years, Katie has been building a powerful brand for herself in the mindfulness community. Katie’s blog, Balanced Beings, was ranked in the Top 100 Health Blogs of 2012, and she has contributed her expertise in mindful health & wellness to several publications around the world. Katie is also the corporate health coach at Mattel, charged with managing the company’s intuitive wellness program. With her focus on vibrant healthy living for busy women, Katie continues to be a source of highly valued content within the industry.


2. Shannon Clark Shannon-Clark

Writer & Fitness Coach, Shannon Clark Fitness | @shannonclarkfit

Shannon is a regular contributing author to,, and As a certified personal trainer, Shannon’s over 10 years of experience in the health & wellness industry has made her an authority on helping people achieve their fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable fashion.


3. Daxle Collier Daxle Collier

Owner, Present Perfect Wellness | @daxleppw

Daxle is a holistic health educator, specializing in intuitive eating workshops, support groups, and individual coaching. Her dedication to teaching others about mindful eating and how to create a healthy lifestyle is what earned her a spot on this list. Through her online course with Udemy, How to Eat Intuitively and Never Have to Diet Again, Daxle teaches people around the world how to make healthy eating choices without having to restrict yourself and feel like you’re dieting.

4. Alethea Copelas alethea copelas

Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Alethea Copelas | @nutritionma

As a contributing author to MindBodyGreen, Alethea writes, speaks, and coaches women on empowering them to find their own personal path to wellness. With a hyper focus on how unique we all are, Alethea’s approach to living a mindful, healthy lifestyle involves listening carefully to what your body needs and staying physically fit amidst our busy lives.


5. Jim Donovan jim donovan

Motivational Speaker & Happiness Expert, Happy@Work | @jimdonovan

Jim is a world-renowned author, speaker, and coach on how to live a happy, fulfilling life. Since being proclaimed a “Happiness Expert” by Fast Company, Jim has become a well-known for his Happy@Work seminars that aim to teach companies how to create a workplace environment that makes employees excited to come to work, contribute, and be happy. With several bestselling books on creating your version of a happy life, Jim continues to be a source of inspiration and powerful mindful living insights.


6. Bailey Frumen baily frumen

LIfestyle Design Coach & Clinical Psychotherapist, Life Love Roadmap | @lifeloveroadmap

Bailey is a clinical psychotherapist, lifestyle design coach, and speaker. She helps women break free from stress and discover the path to living a meaningful life, instead of following the societal checklist. Bailey contributes to Savor the Success, Psychology Today, and Elephant Journal with her inspirational content on how to get more mindful about everything from life, to work & play.


7. Samantha Gilbert Samantha Gilbert Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Nutritional Therapist & Writer, Samantha Gilbert Nutritional Therapy | @samigtweets

Sami is a fashion designer turned nutritional therapist. She’s a certified holistic nutritionist and transformational therapist with regular contributions and features on MindBodyGreen for her insights on women’s health & weight management. Sami helps her clients all over the world to cultivate self-love, and is on a mission to redefine the relationship they have with food and their bodies.

8. Amy Jarosky Amy Jarosky Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Holistic Health Coach, Healthy Vices | @healthyvices

Amy is a former hedge funder turned Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Blogger and Founder of the health and wellness community, Healthy Vices. She helps busy men and women lose weight, decrease stress, improve energy, and learn how to live a more mindful lifestyle. Amy’s features in ALOHA, well+GOOD, and MindBodyGreen have made her a valuable source of inspiration in healthy living.


9. Bibi Lorenzetti bibi lorenzetti

Integrative Health Coach & Yoga Teacher,  | @bibilorenzetti

As the founder of Awake Health, Bibi offers an alternative method of using food and yoga as practices to help clients align their eating and lifestyle habits with the authentic needs of the body and soul. Bibi is dedicated to teaching people to listen to exactly what their bodies want, and showing them how to go about getting it. With Bibi’s online courses and blog, she has become an authority on designing yoga-inspired health & wellness programs to bring her clients to a happier, healthier place in their lives.


10. Veronica Monet Veronica Monet Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Certified Sexologist, The Shame Free Zone | @veronicamonet

As a couples counselor, sex expert, and love coach of over 10 years, Veronica has made great strides in showing the world the importance of deeply connected relationships and has taught many couples how to create more meaningful connections within their relationships. Veronica has been featured on CNN, ABC, and many other international publications for her incredible work in helping both men and women overcome shame and becoming empowered in their relationships.


11. Ann Musico Ann Musico Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Holistic Health Coach, 3D Vitality | @3d_vitality

Ann educates, empowers, and encourages women, at every age, to lead lives of vibrant health and wholeness. Her approach to addressing being healthy as not just the absence of illness, but addressing wholeness in spirit, soul, and body is what sets her style of coaching apart.


12. Anita Perry Anita Perry Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Owner & Instructor, YogaAnita | @hlthwiz

Anita primarily teaches yoga instruction to calm the mind, strengthen the body, and invigorate the spirit. Her emphasis is on families, special needs students, and older students. Her most recent book, YogaMinute, focuses on teaching people of all age levels how to benefit from yoga practice when you have a busy schedule.


13. Nancy Pina Nancy Pina Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Relationships Coach, Right Relationships | @nancypina

Nancy is a relationship coach and expert matchmaker. Her approach to relationship coaching is centered around the belief that meaningful relationships are rooted in the healing power of committing to a life built on a solid spiritual foundation. She’s a relationship consultant for Fox Network’s Houston affiliate location and has been featured on the Today Show, in the Huffington Post, and on Cosmopolitan.

14. Sara Plummer sara plummer

Corporate Wellness Consultant & Coach, HealthySexyHappy

Sara is a corporate wellness consultant, marketer, and brand strategist. She brings a unique dynamic to the world of health & wellness. Her wellness site, GetHealthySexyHappy brings yoga videos, articles, retreats, and books to people looking to improve their mood, energy, physique, joy levels, and relationship dynamics. She works with a large base of private clientele through in-person sessions and remote popexpert sessions to help people around the world become happier versions of themselves.


15. Marian Rothschild marian rothschild

Image Consultant, Look Good Now Image Consulting | @styleadvise

Marian is a pro at helping people create and grow a powerful personal brand. As a leadership consultant, speaker, and author of over 10 years, Marian’s best-selling book, Look Good Now and Always gives you style tips and real advice on how to make a lasting, positive impression for each scenario you find yourself in. With a hyper focus on teaching businesspeople how to mindfully portray themselves in order to achieve their desired goals, Marian brings a unique skill set to the table for anyone looking to boost their personal brand image.


16. Rosalind Sedacca rosalind sedacca

Divorce & Parenting Coach, Child-Centered Divorce | @rosalindsedacca

Rosalind is an incredible advocate and coach for facilitating a child-centered divorce. With her nearly 10 years of experience as a relationship and divorce consultant, her focus is on teaching separating parents how to keep their priorities in line and ensure the best possible outcomes for their children. She’s also an acclaimed author, blogger, and speaker. Her internationally acclaimed book, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? teaches you exactly how to communicate the difficult subject of a divorce to your children.


17. Dr. Lori Shemek lori shemek

America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert, DLS Healthworks | @lorishemek

Lori is nationally recognized as America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert. She’s the resident health expert for ABC’s Good Morning Texas and is the best-selling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn. As one of Huffington Post’s Top 16 Health Experts, she has become an authoritative speaker, writer, and consultant for people around the world seeking to make positive lifestyle changes and get healthier. Lori’s background in psychology lends a unique perspective to her expertise and has allowed her to observe the extent to which physical health seriously impacts emotional health and vice versa.

18. Amy Sherman amy sherman

Relationship Coach & Author, Baby Boomer Network | @boomnetwork

Amy is a relationship coach, author, and therapist with a focus on teaching baby boomers how to create and grow within their relationships. She’s the author of “99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 and Yes, 60!” and offer relationship workshops and coaching to boomers who find themselves seeking new partners later in life.


19. Vanessa Van Edwards vanessa van edwards

Author & Speaker, Science of People | @vvanedwards

Vanessa is a well-known published author and behavioral investigator. Through her incredible blog and speaking engagements with Science of People, Vanessa will teach you how to be the most memorable person in the room. She is a Huffington Post columnist and regularly gives keynote presentations to corporate audiences. Vanessa also regularly appears in the media to talk about her research and has been featured on NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show and USA Today. She has written for CNN, Fast Company and Forbes.


20. Donna Volpitta, Ed.D. Donna Volpita Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

Founder, The Center for Resilient Leadership | @donnavolpitta

Donna teaches people about the brain, in order to help them make more mindfully resilient choices. Her Resilient Mindset Model, which draws on the latest research in neurology, psychology and education, has been applied to areas of leadership from parenting to corporate management. Her book, The Resilient Formula, teaches parents how to be proactive and not reactive in their parenting style.


Know someone else who should be on this list? Share your pick for the top mindful living to watch this year by tagging them in the comments below.

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