How To Make The Right Decision

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Yes or no? Stay together or break up? Change careers or stay put?

Oh the discomfort of feeling stuck in indecision!

We try to figure out the best decision – analyzing all data – thinking hard about what to do – running lists of pros and cons in our heads.

Is it really possible to know the best choice to make before we’ve even made it?

Rather than wading in agony, debating what to choose, JUST CHOOSE. Make a choice and align your energy with what you choose.

Rather than worrying about making the right choice, make a choice and then make it the right one.

The Universe will give you feedback along the way to drive you to the next stage of your life.

Surrender the decision and ask to be guided. Make a decision on what feels most aligned and then JUMP. Don’t look back, just go.

The net will not appear until you jump, free fall, flail, calm down and suddenly…it will catch you.

Don’t stay in the stagnant energy of indecision – it will get you nowhere.

There’s no such thing as a wrong decision…as long as you choose something and line up with it in faith.

Certainly there are ways to center yourself to be sure you make a choice from a peaceful, fearless place. Turn to meditation, mindfulness, mantra. Become the awareness so that you aren’t victim of your thoughts. Your mind will offer you a million thoughts per second to keep you from choosing anything at all. Calm yourself first then decide.

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Shine bright. Love big. Find Freedom.

Loving you from here,

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