Emotional Intelligence For Powerful Leadership

Have you ever felt emotionally depleted? Frustrated at the direction a project is taking? Overwhelmed by the responsibilities you’re carrying, or unsure of decisions you have to make? The answer is surely yes. Whether an executive leader or entrepreneur, you’re still human.

Today, people are pretty detached from their emotional and spiritual worlds. Can you blame them? Barraged by immense pressures at work and often a chaotic home life, it’s a miracle anyone takes the time to pay attention to their emotional state.

But you should.

At the core, human beings are feeling creatures, and our emotions dictate so much more than we’re aware, including decisions we make and actions we take everyday. Often times, this comes in the form of reacting to others. A lot of these reactive tendencies are built into our inability to attend to our own emotions, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Everything you do takes emotional energy, but how you acknowledge, process and use that emotional energy is up to you. Leaders are people too, and like everyone else, have to manage the highs and lows that are their own emotions, and often, the emotions of others.

One of the greatest tools leaders can possess is the ability to be mindful of their own emotions, and be masters of emotional regulation. Mastering this allows leaders to be active, and not reactive. Akin to a seeing a train coming down the track, you can learn to see your emotions as they approach, use the useful ones, and discard those that are not. In doing this you’re able to approach each new conversation with a fresh mind, leave useless emotional baggage at the door, be less reactive, become a better motivator, notice before you reach ‘empty’ so you can proactively recharge and continue to inspire those around you.

Once you learn to become present, you’re on the right path to being able to regulate your own emotional state, to become an astute observer (and processor) of your and others emotions – and a powerfully empathetic leader.


About the Author: Lianna is the guest blogger for popexpert, and a lifetime learner. Connect on Twitter @Lianna_Turchin. 

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