Get Maximum Value From Your Expert Coach

The right information, at the right time, can make all the difference in anything you want to do. But it’s not just information you need, it’s implementation. One powerful way to get the information you need along with someone to hold you accountable for action, is by working with an expert trainer, coach or consultant.In this article you’ll learn six key elements for getting the most from your expert investment.

(1) Be coachable.

Most people aren’t very coachable. A lot of times people come to a conversation with their mind already made up. Many are simply looking for the expert to validate their preconceived notion about what to do. There’s nothing wrong with getting validation, but it’s important to come to the conversation with an open mind and a willingness to travel outside of your assumptions to see and benefit from new possibilities. To get different results, you must first be willing to see and do things differently.

(2) Pay the fee.

Obvious? This is not about money, this is about belief. Most experts help because they derive a great deal of fulfillment and satisfaction from their ability to make a difference in the lives of others. They will often give more to those who value and appreciate them and their expertise. Don’t haggle with the expert because you’re trying to save a few pennies. There’s nothing wrong with negotiating in life—you should—but when it comes to expert advice, pay the fee and pay it happily. You will typically gain greater value from the expert, and you will have a stronger motivation to put what you learn into action.

(3) Prepare in advance.

All the most effective coaches and consultants provide questions for clients to answer prior to the session. This helps them to help you, but it also helps you to focus and get better results. Beyond the questions they provide, it’s important to invest time thinking about what you actually want to accomplish. Make a list of questions to ask. Then, go deeper and refine each question to focus on the specific result you want. It’s also important to remember that you don’t know what you don’t know. Throughout the conversation, ask the coach or consultant if there are questions you should be asking that you don’t know to ask.

It’s also a good idea to read or study any materials available from the coach or consultant prior to the conversation. Does the person write a blog? Have they authored a book or published a home-study course? Buy and read what they have available. This will help you understand the person’s philosophy, methods and teachings so you can ask better questions.

(4) Focus on the 20%.

There is a ton of good-to-know information on every topic. There are also a handful of must-know secrets not commonly known or understood by the masses. This is the true value of working with an expert. Knowing the two or three things that matter most helps you to succeed faster, often saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. This is what you are really buying. Your goal is not to get a personal seminar over the phone; your goal is to quickly learn and implement the 20% that is 80% of the result you want.

(5) Don’t take notes.

Don’t try to write down every word the expert says like a secretary. Instead, be present, ask clarifying questions and listen for the actionables. Also, ask for permission to record the conversation. For Skype, use software like Call Recorder. For telephone calls, turn on your speaker phone, and use audio software on your computer to record the conversation. Then, listen to the audio recording at least three times, and create a list of action steps. For longer consultations, get the audio transcribed using a service like

(6) Schedule a follow-up session.

You will gain exponentially more value from any expert by having a series of conversations with them. After the initial conversation, take action. Then have another conversation about your results and what you learned. You will see and hear the expert in a completely different way. You will also make progress faster with the accountability that follow-up sessions provide.

Bottom line: Working with an expert is one of the fastest ways to get from where you are to where you want want to be. Understanding and applying these six keys can make a night-and-day difference in the benefits you receive.

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About the Author: Ramon Williamson is a renowned Life Coach. In 1986, he helped pioneer the global life coaching movement, and is widely recognized as one of most experienced and effective life coaches in the world, having worked with more than 30,000 individual and group clients. He earned early recognition as a championship public speaker and was named one of the 21 best in business motivation by a national magazine. Today, he is a top-rated keynote speaker and seminar leader hired by Fortune 500 corporations, national associations and faith-based organizations.

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