company: our ceo shares the story of finding inspiration on sabbatical

Women20Our Founder and CEO Ingrid Sanders contributed a guest post to women 2.0 today that shares the story of how taking a step out into the unknown adventure of sabbatical can create space for new ideas. If you are interested in making the leap but afraid of what it means to leave security behind, she has a few good tips for you. She also shares five lessons learned through the early days of building popexpert.

Check it out here: 

press: thanks to gary vaynerchuk for a great mention!

Gary VaynerchukWe are thrilled to have a mention today from Gary Vaynerchuck in his LinkedIn article about 19 up and coming people to follow on Twitter:

I had the opportunity to meet Gary last week for one of the most fun and inspiring brainstorm sessions of my career.  He instantly “got” what we are building at popexpert and clearly saw our chess game a few years out.  As someone who has always carved out his own path to success, he understands the value of investing in learning and growth as much as anyone and appreciates our focus on engaging with highly talented experts that can create real value through live one-to-one sessions.

I was thrilled to make the fifth spot with excerpt here from his post here:

Ingrid Sanders (@ingridsan) is somebody that I just met. She’s the founder and CEO of an interesting site, and more importantly just really blew me away. I meet with a lot of young entrepreneurs and start-ups constantly, and I would say that out of the last 400, Ingrid really stood out in the top one or two. I think she’d got her head on straight, I think she’s got a bright future, and I think that she’s a worthwhile follow as being a big prospect for having a successful startup.

When building a business, there is nothing as important as surrounding yourself with talented people and listening to their feedback.  I feel grateful and humbled by the support we have received so far and look forward to sharing more exciting news in the coming weeks.

~ Ingrid Sanders, co-founder & CEO, popexpert

Company: Our Co-founder/CTO Gets His Geek On


Our co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Thomas, gets geeky about our use of WebRTC in his interview with bloggeek. WebRTC is helping us establish an elegant and seamless connection between Experts and Learners through live, one-to-one video sessions.  We are proud to be one of the first companies to deploy WebRTC commercially. Check it out here:

Experts: My First Session With popexpert

Nancy Pina on

They always say to “eat your own dog food.”  At popexpert, we have been doing this for quite a while by having team members join us through our own video technology when they are out of the office.  We’ve found it to be a great way to test and refine the software and better understand how we can make the experience as smooth as possible.

It wasn’t until today though that I had the opportunity to do my first live session with one of our experts.  I choose Nancy Pina because of her experience working as a relationship coach for over 20 years and the unique perspective I thought she might be able to offer on effective techniques for developing lasting, loving relationships.  In Nancy, I found a talented, intuitive coach who is able to quickly get to the heart of what makes people tick.  She offered valuable tips for how to build trust and vulnerability at the right time and shared an important reminder that many of us who go after building great careers tend to under recognize:

“A lot of times we put effort into learning how to be best prepared for our education, our work, and we think relationships will just happen.  The more you’re prepared for building strong relationships like you prepare in every other area of life, the more you’ll attract and be able to see that person when you meet them.” — Nancy Pina

When I first set out to create popexpert, I wanted to make it as easy as booking a meeting in your calendar to learn something new from a talented expert.  I believed that the experience I had learning and growing while on sabbatical was something that should be accessible to all of us, even with a hardworking and busy lifestyle.  I had no idea though just how powerful this concept would be.

The experience of finding a great expert in a topic I wanted to explore, booking time with them and then just meeting for a live video session over the course of an hour was incredible.  It made me feel like I have an ally by my side for whatever I want to learn in life and that the opportunity to constantly learn and grow is endless.

Most importantly, it made me even more excited for what we are building with popexpert.  I can’t wait for all of you to have your first session and experience the same ah-ha moment.  And, when you do, please tell your friends!

~ Ingrid Sanders cofounder & ceo, popexpert