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If you were ever skeptical of meditation or thought it might not be worth the time, you might want to think again.  Emma Seppala from Stanford University has written a research-packed article in Psychology Today about the benefits of meditation. According to a rich body of scientific inquiry, Emma has shown that meditation can:

  • Boost your health
  • Boost your happiness
  • Boost your social life
  • Boost your self control
  • Change your brain for the better
  • Improve your productivity
  • Make you wiser

Check out her article 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today to learn more and see the research. Then, get started by meeting with one of over 100 talented meditation teachers on popexpert.  Here are a few of our favorites:

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Press: WIRED magazine on meditation in the workplace


The popexpert team was featured in the most recent print issue of Wired magazine in an article focused on how meditation is being used as a way to increase productivity, reduced stress and improve team connections in the workplace.  Also featured is Kenneth Folk, one of our top teachers on popexpert.  The photo was taken on the roof of our SF office during a team meditation session with Kenneth. Check out the article here:


experts: Loic Le Meur on the benefits of meditation


Loic Le Meur is a busy guy to say the least. His conference, LeWeb, is just days away, so this is undoubtedly an incredibly chaotic and exciting time. We thought his recent post, Why I’m Learning Meditation, was a timely and refreshingly candid perspective on the importance of being able to unplug and mentally reset.

Could there be a bit of a meditation movement underway? We are seeing an incredible, and honestly somewhat unexpected, response to our meditation category on popexpert – in fact, it’s our most popular right now! We’re excited to see people seeking ways to balance their lives and quiet their minds by learning from experts like Kenneth Folk.

Check out Loic’s article to learn how meditation can improve your life too:

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