company culture: bonding over 4-minute exercise intervals

We care a lot about company culture at popexpert and do our best to inspire each other to continue growing and playing in different ways, from finding great concerts to attend together to sharing tips on top experts and classes.

Today marked a new milestone thanks to Casey Wilson who joined our engineering team just a couple weeks ago. Yesterday Casey started talking with a couple other team members about doing quick bits of interval training throughout the day, and today we put it into practice.

At 10:30am she got out her iPhone and turned on tunes encouraging us to do a four-minute interval workout alternating push ups and sit ups.  We added a fun twist for the sit ups by breaking into pairs and interlocking legs so we could clap hands together each time we came up, encouraging us to keep going even as we felt the burn.

I felt immediately energized after and also a great sense of bonding with the team. Highly recommend trying it out.  We’re going to go in for round two later this afternoon.

What are your tips for sneaking in exercise even in a busy day?

~ Ingrid