Why Your Brain is the Control Center to Optimal Health

Most of us know how much better we feel when we are eating healthy foods, compared to that dreaded feeling of eating too much in one sitting, or eating junky processed and sugary foods. The end result is that sluggish, tired feeling that is a glaring reminder of the negative health effects happening inside our bodies.

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How to Get Healthier with Simple One-Ingredient Meals

Ann Musico Top 20 Emerging Mindfulness Leaders for 2015

The single most important area related to nutrition that will help anyone at any level live better this year is to simplify things by keeping it real. I always try to encourage people to focus their meals around real, fresh, high quality one-ingredient foods.

Begin by choosing one-ingredient foods. That simply means fresh whole foods, rather than packaged, processed, or fast foods. For example, here are some ideas to get you started:

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