Welcome to 2014! What is your intention?


Two years ago I prepared for the new year by thinking about the value of New Years resolutions. My conclusion was that with so many people abandoning their resolutions by about this time of year — just one or two weeks in — there isn’t all that much.

That said, I didn’t want to entirely give up on the idea of being intentional at the start of the year.

My answer was to instead find just one word that I wanted to reflect throughout all aspects of life, work and play. Because I was about to set out on a sabbatical, the word I chose was “discovery.”

Then I realized I wanted a way to keep this word close to me so it would become an integral part of my daily awareness. After working though different creative concepts, I finally settled on the idea of hand stamping it onto a brass ring that I could wear on my wrist day and night.

My first couple weeks with the word were so powerful that I started making them for other friends as well. Since then I have made hundreds for friends and strangers alike, and I am so moved by the stories that unfold each time both when someone chooses their word and many months later as they retell the ways it has impacted their life.

IntentionbraceletsmultiI’ve kept up the habit of focusing on one word at any given time and found that with myself and others, at a certain point you realize you have manifested the word and are ready for anther. I’m looking forward to setting my next intention soon.

What is your one word intention? Comment here or post to our popexpert Facebook page and tell us why you chose the word, and we will gift you a custom one word intention bracelet.

Here’s to a great 2014!

~ Ingrid
Founder & CEO

Company: it’s our first birthday!

popexpert homepageThey say time flies when you’re having fun!  It is hard to believe that one year ago we took the leap to start building popexpert, and I am just overwhelmed with the way our vision and message has resonated.

Thousands of talented experts have joined us across a number of categories – from meditation and music to parenting and language and everything in between! It’s been incredibly inspiring to see how much they are impacting the lives of their students and clients. People from all over the world now have access to, and are meeting over popexpert’s live video with some truly amazing experts.

When we started popexpert a year ago we placed two big bets:

1) That expertise delivered over live video would be a big thing

2) That there is a coming wave of interest in broader access to personal development

These have both unfolded even faster than we had anticipated which is a good thing.  But, there is something else that was really important to us.  We wanted to build a company that is anchored in quality and fueled by a passion for making it as easy as booking a meeting in your calendar to meet with an incredible expert that can help you learn and grow.

Today we rolled out a new homepage that makes it even easier to find an incredible expert to meet over a live face-to-face video session by offering curated content and videos from some of our favorite experts.

Check it out when you get a chance and feel free to read more about it here.

Thank you for the incredible support, lots more to come in the year ahead…

Founder/CEO, popexpert

Press: interview with Good Startups

Starting a company is no easy task but there are some great resources out there designed to provide support and guidance throughout the entrepreneurial journey. One of which is Good Startups, an awesome site founded by Brendan Murphy, who is also one of our Startup and Relationship Experts.

Brendan posted an interview with our founder/CEO, Ingrid Sanders, about her experience building popexpert and the importance of aligning your business with your passions.

Check it out here: http://goodstartups.me/2013/10/22/popexpert-founders-words-of-wisdom-understand-your-core-passions/

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