Press: interview with Good Startups

Starting a company is no easy task but there are some great resources out there designed to provide support and guidance throughout the entrepreneurial journey. One of which is Good Startups, an awesome site founded by Brendan Murphy, who is also one of our Startup and Relationship Experts.

Brendan posted an interview with our founder/CEO, Ingrid Sanders, about her experience building popexpert and the importance of aligning your business with your passions.

Check it out here:

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Press: WIRED magazine on meditation in the workplace


The popexpert team was featured in the most recent print issue of Wired magazine in an article focused on how meditation is being used as a way to increase productivity, reduced stress and improve team connections in the workplace.  Also featured is Kenneth Folk, one of our top teachers on popexpert.  The photo was taken on the roof of our SF office during a team meditation session with Kenneth. Check out the article here:


press: thanks to gary vaynerchuk for a great mention!

Gary VaynerchukWe are thrilled to have a mention today from Gary Vaynerchuck in his LinkedIn article about 19 up and coming people to follow on Twitter:

I had the opportunity to meet Gary last week for one of the most fun and inspiring brainstorm sessions of my career.  He instantly “got” what we are building at popexpert and clearly saw our chess game a few years out.  As someone who has always carved out his own path to success, he understands the value of investing in learning and growth as much as anyone and appreciates our focus on engaging with highly talented experts that can create real value through live one-to-one sessions.

I was thrilled to make the fifth spot with excerpt here from his post here:

Ingrid Sanders (@ingridsan) is somebody that I just met. She’s the founder and CEO of an interesting site, and more importantly just really blew me away. I meet with a lot of young entrepreneurs and start-ups constantly, and I would say that out of the last 400, Ingrid really stood out in the top one or two. I think she’d got her head on straight, I think she’s got a bright future, and I think that she’s a worthwhile follow as being a big prospect for having a successful startup.

When building a business, there is nothing as important as surrounding yourself with talented people and listening to their feedback.  I feel grateful and humbled by the support we have received so far and look forward to sharing more exciting news in the coming weeks.

~ Ingrid Sanders, co-founder & CEO, popexpert