Press: interview with Good Startups

Starting a company is no easy task but there are some great resources out there designed to provide support and guidance throughout the entrepreneurial journey. One of which is Good Startups, an awesome site founded by Brendan Murphy, who is also one of our Startup and Relationship Experts.

Brendan posted an interview with our founder/CEO, Ingrid Sanders, about her experience building popexpert and the importance of aligning your business with your passions.

Check it out here:

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The Best Minds Of A Generation, Destroyed By Adsense?

The Best Minds Of A Generation, Destroyed By Adsense?

Nathaniel Whittemore from Dev Bootcamp penned this thought-provoking post last week framing the issue of how we define success – startup success, career success, personal success.

It’s a question of increasing importance as barriers to education, business ownership, skill development and career independence continue to come crashing down – and Nathaniel provides some great links to different corners of the interwebs where the debate around what constitutes success rages on.